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Diminution temps de livraison


Diminution temps de livraison


Diminution temps de livraison

Notre mission-1

Let's talk about what guides us

Much more than words, our values are embodied on a daily basis by our teams and with our customers. They radiate from each and everyone of us, guiding and grounding our actions, decisions and relationships.

Parlons de ce qui nous guide-3

Improve continuously

We are determined to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. We are committed to self-improvement, innovation and continuous learning, both personally and collectively. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves and for the industry.

Involved with passion

Our passion is reflected in the enthusiasm, energy and personal commitment that go into everything we do. We applaud those who take initiative, challenge the ordinary and bring spirit to their work.

Cultivate cohesion

We cultivate a workplace where collaboration, open communication and respect are valued. We firmly believe that collective effort is the key to achieving great things. It's this solid strength that binds us together as colleagues, with our customers and with the community.

Act with conviction

This deep-rooted determination inhabits all of us and creates a climate of trust and confidence. This means remaining committed and persevering despite obstacles, and making courageous decisions guided by our knowledge, our thoughts and our mission.

 WE are stronger than I A healthy work culture Les meilleures pratiques

WE are stronger than I


We not only develop software for our customers, we co-create with them, delivering meaningful results for all, sharing and celebrating successes together.

Nexapp represents an ecosystem of dedicated people who help each other to grow. This supportive feeling is fostered in many ways every day, from our working methods (peer and mob programming), to the structure of our teams and interdepartmental collaboration, to our ongoing rituals and communication channels.

A healthy work culture


We are convinced that the excellence of our teams and the strength of our relationships stem from the same pillar: the attention we pay to individuals and the development of a healthy work culture. 

We build an open, collaborative environment that allows us to be transparent, vulnerable and to make mistakes, while providing the tools we need to grow and develop. 

Best practices


Continuous improvement is the heart of Nexapp and the foundation of our culture. Every team member is invited to provide innovative ideas, share knowledge and generate input to deliver the right solutions.

Risk-taking, boldness and adaptability are always encouraged, as we know that each individual voice can make a significant difference in finding the idea that will bring the most value.

Let's talk about our projects

Collège Sainte-Anne
coop FA
ELO mentorat
Mr. Puffs
PMP solutions

Why join our team?


The team

  • Mutual support and collaboration between colleagues are part of our every day commitment.

  • An ecosystem of experts to learn from and share ideas with
La variété des projets

Variety of projects

  • Our customers come from a wide range of different industries and sizes.

  • We work with a large number of latest technologies.

  • We also develop our own product, Axify.


  • 2 weeks of paid vacations.

  • 10 flexible vacation days.

  • 3 flexible paid vacations between December 25 and January 1st each year.
Programme dépargne-retraite collectif

Group Retirement Savings Program

  • Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) eligibility with Nexapp's contribution to your savings.
Conciliation travail-vie personnelle

Work-life balance

  • Personal days for yourself (or a loved one) when unexpected circumstances occur.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Hybrid work: you can alternate between the office, the comfort of your home or our Charlevoix cabin.

  • Possibility of "workation", in Canada and other countries.
Santé et bien-être

Health & well-being

  • Group health insurance with Nexapp contribution from the moment you join the company.

  • 24/7 access to telehealth.

  • Employee and family assistance program (EFAP).

  • Gym Le Chalet membership.

  • Weekly private group training.
Budget de formation

Learning budget

  • Budget for training in professional technical skills through courses, certifications, training or books.

  • Soft skills programs (e.g. non-violent communication, giving and receiving feedback, leadership development cohort, etc.).
Accessibilité & transport

Accessibility & transport

  • Free parking.

  • Public transport reimbursement.

  • Electric car charging stations.

  • Travel reimbursement to the office for employees working remotely, up to once a month.

Let's talk career paths


Grow as a professional

With collaborative work methods like mob programming and initiatives like weekly learning hours, you'll be immersed in an environment where you can quickly develop as a professional.


Build your soft skills & amplify your influence

We firmly believe that communicating with empathy, developing self-awareness, listening ability and giving feedback are not only skills for managers.


We offer tools for the whole team, such as an annual influence development cohort.

If you're interested in evolving into a management role, you'll be supported through one of our skills development pathways to explore these concepts in greater depth. 

Explore opportunities

We also believe that each person is unique, and that doubts and changes are a healthy part of any career. Transversal opportunities to experiment, mentor, share practices and grow internally are available to support you on this journey.


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0

Amélie Boudreault

At Nexapp, people come first! With its involvement in the community and its concern for quality in every aspect of the work we do, Nexapp is directly aligned with my values. A team of passionate individuals working together on challenging projects is both motivating and fun!

Amélie Boudreault

Project coordinator, customer experience

Martin Nadeau-1

What I love about Nexapp is the curiosity of the developers and their ability to learn. As I'm coaching the team and helping them to grow, I have an incredible playground. The focus isn't on stories or tickets to be delivered. The key focus is on the customer's needs and consistently delivering value.

Martin Nadeau

Senior Engineering Manager

Claudie Gingras-1

The intrapreneur that I am has found Nexapp to be an amazing playground, nurtured by a dynamic culture and the talented people who shape it. Surrounded by a community of passionate people, I have the opportunity to combine ambitious goals with daily fun.

I'm proud to make a difference in a company where management is fully committed to putting the human dimension at the core of its business strategy.

Claudie Gingras

Director, Culture & Talent

David Sauvé-1

At Nexapp, I've found a real collaborative, passionate and innovative community. Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to exceptional software projects. Continuous delivery transforms every idea into reality, enabling fast and consistent deployment of high-quality solutions.

David Sauvé

Full Stack Developer

Anthony Menegon-1


As a Product Designer, I chose to emigrate from France to work at Nexapp. I was immediately attracted by the company's culture focused on people, quality and a passion for innovation.

At Nexapp, every day is an opportunity to learn and grow as part of a dedicated team, working together on challenging projects. It's a decision that has fulfilled both my professional and personal expectations.

Anthony Menegon

Product Designer

Jannick Levesque

I was confident that Nexapp would enable me to continue learning and applying the best practices I'd been taught, both in terms of development and processes. The environment is motivating, and I feel well-equipped to meet the new challenges I encounter.

Jannik Levesque

Full Stack Developer

Samuel Bilodeau-1

Over the years, I've learned that Nexapp is much more than just an exceptional culture. It's significant investment in innovation, best practices in software development and also a commitment to the success of customer projects. For me, Nexapp is an outstanding employer and offers the right environment in which I can grow both professionally and personally.

Samuel Bilodeau

Financial Director

Sarah-Pascale Demers-Dussault-1

I have a very strong entrepreneurial side that drives me to take initiative and responsibility for different projects in order to bring them to a successful conclusion.

In my role, I am given the autonomy and freedom to participate in value-added projects, and I have access to the guidance I need to develop as a professional. This is truly continuous learning!

Sarah-Pascale Demers-Dussault

Account Manager

Help us develop impactful softwares

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Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0


Refonte de l’application web : UX 2.0

Does being part of Nexapp sound good ? 

We'd love to meet you!

Frequently asked questions

Help us build impactful software solutions!


  • An initial meeting to get to know each other and go beyond your CV. We talk about your aspirations, your background and your values to ensure a mutual fit!
  • A follow-up interview with the manager. We will discuss the role in more detail, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.
  • Finally, a technical discussion with two team members. Beforehand, we'll let you know what topics will be covered, so you can be well prepared!


  • We want to assess your curiosity and desire to learn. We're also looking for people who have positive attitudes and want to collaborate with their colleagues on a daily basis. We'll be looking at your technical skills: versatility and attention to quality are a must!

  • We'll talk to you about quality principles, testing, web and mobile development. Do not hesitate sharing with us your interest in specific business areas, products and users!


Where growing, socializing and celebrating are as fundamental as natural.

Everyone's reality is different, and Nexapp believes that your schedule should be adaptable to your needs, as long as there's good communication with your colleagues and customers to keep projects moving forward!


We're constantly improving it, but here are the key ingredients:

  • A high degree of trust among all team members.
  • Weekly rituals to keep everyone informed and highlight successes.
  • Quarterly meetings to provide visibility for the whole company.
  • Frequent team celebrations, such as our Fall Kick-off, Summer Party and Holiday Party.
  • Remote colleagues encouraged to visit the office once a month.
  • Work sessions at the Nexapp cabin to advance projects and strengthen team bonds.
  • The office equipment, which allows us to include both on-site and remote colleagues.

We adapt to the unique reality of each of our customers to deliver more value.

In fact, this is what has enabled us to develop our best-practice approach to software engineering in a variety of fields, including healthcare, finance, tourism and more.

There are, however, different elements that are found in almost every project:

- We generally collaborate with clients in one of two ways, either by co-developing with their in-house teams or by building the project from the ground up.

- Regardless of the type of collaboration, we aim to accompany our clients through their entire software development cycle, from product strategy, through UX/UI design, right up to development.

The answer varies depending on each client's reality. Whatever the project, you can rely on an ecosystem of software developers, a product manager and UX/UI designers.

Although we operate in the service industry, our teams are not distributed at client offices. We work together in Nexapp's physical and virtual environments.

We work with several current technologies, depending on the specific context of our clients. For us, our non-negotiable is to work according to the best practices of software engineering, such as :

- automated testing and the test pyramid

- test-driven development (TDD) and domain-driven design (DDD)

- S.O.L.I.D. principles

- tell, don't ask (TDA) approach

- clean architecture

- cloud design patterns

- accessibility-first design

- functional programming


The executive team and managers are an integral part of Nexapp's day-to-day operations. You'll see them at our quarterly gatherings, at happy hours, in meetings and randomly in our open-space office. These are all opportunities to take advantage of our linear hierarchy to share your ideas or opinions.

By the way, our quarterly meetings bring a great deal of transparency to the whole team!


What? On your first day at Nexapp, we're going to introduce you to your colleagues in the form of a short presentation to get to know you better. You'll have to answer THE question that divides a whole population: at St-Hubert, do you prefer creamy or traditional coleslaw?

Expect to make friends and enemies in seconds, depending on your answer!