Nexapp souffle 10 bougies en compagnie de ses clients et partenaires

Nexapp celebrates 10 years in business with clients and partners

Quebec City, June 13, 2024 — Nexapp, a leader in software solutions, recently celebrated its tenth business anniversary with an exclusive event attended by some 150 clients, partners, and technology industry professionals. The event was a unique opportunity to experience our newly renovated offices and new brand identity while discussing technology and growth.

A memorable evening of celebration

The celebrations took place in our modernized headquarters, offering our guests a first opportunity to visit and appreciate the improvements to our workspaces. The evening began with a warm welcome cocktail with members of our team, followed by a panel of technology industry leaders.

An expert panel on technology and growth

One of the highlights of the evening was the expert panel featuring influential figures from the technology sector. Simon De Baene, co-founder and CEO of Workleap, Jean-Sébastien Charest, Chief Information Officer at BDC, and Jonathan Lessard, co-founder and President of Nexapp, shared their perspectives on current and future industry trends. 

“ Looking back over the last ten years and forward to the next decade, I'm convinced that companies will need to master software engineering to innovate and remain competitive. Software engineering will inevitably become an integral part of all organizations: the question is no longer whether they should embrace it but how quickly they can do so.

Failure to invest sufficiently in technology represents a significant opportunity cost. Our company enables our clients to focus on what they do best while we drive them forward by maintaining best engineering practices. ”

Jonathan Lessard, co-founder and president of Nexapp

The panel sparked insightful discussions on technology companies' challenges and opportunities, highlighting strategies for successfully navigating an ever-changing environment. The panellists shared a common goal: bringing their software products to market faster. We at Nexapp have developed our solution, Axify, to meet this need.

A vibrant networking opportunity

With almost 150 people in attendance, the event provided an excellent space for networking and exchanging ideas. Clients, partners and team members had the opportunity to forge new relationships and reinforce connections.

View and download photos of the event (photo credit Arianne Nantel Gagnon photographer)

We'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event a success and our clients and partners for their ongoing support over the past ten years. This celebration marks a decade of significant milestones and the beginning of a new era for Nexapp, where we will continue to innovate to improve the future of software engineering. To fulfill our vision of helping more than 100,000 teams build software with greater impact, we have surrounded ourselves with an advisory board of Simon De Baene, co-founder and CEO of Workleap, and Jean Lavigueur, strategic advisor to Coveo. The best is yet to come for the next ten years.

For further information, please contact :
Audrey Rousseau Dufresne
Communications and Marketing Manager

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About Nexapp

Founded in 2014 by three dedicated software engineering enthusiasts, Nexapp is determined to redefine quality standards in technology projects. Our goal is clear: to help our clients' teams build more impactful software products.

With a team of over 80 talents, Nexapp has firmly established itself as a trusted partner in custom software development. Our commitment goes beyond simply providing services; we also guide our clients' teams towards excellence by inspiring them to adopt engineering best practices, thereby improving the quality of their projects by optimizing value delivery.

Follow us on LinkedIn or visit our website at nexapp.ca for more information.

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